Sunday, 27 September 2015

"Trust me..."

It's been an interesting couple of days, well months really in our home.
Lots of change as children move to new year groups at school, our daughter started school and husband and I have found ourselves expecting baby number 6.

Whilst we adore having a larger than average family, it's fair to say having six children wasn't quite on our agenda, in fact when we found out about "blueberry" I was preparing to return to the world of employment following a great run as a stay at home mummy.
Our daughters (child number 5) arrival into the world was quite a traumatic one with a complicated emergency csection. We were advised not to have more children following her delivey and with her being our 5th baby,  were relaxed in that having a positive pregnancy test back in February saw me seeking medical advice very soon afer that result.
We were strongly encouraged to consider having a termination at 8 weeks as doctors felt the risks were too great to myself and that the baby potentially wouldn't survive.

It was a truly emotional, difficult time. With 5 children already who need their mummy, we had to really consider the doctors advice and whether we could take our family on such a risky journey.
Thankfully, for us, we have a faith and believe in a God who, we believe, directs us and helps us through such times.
At church one Sunday morning, I really felt Him say to me "who do you trust more Stace, me or other people?" Whilst I know to some this will sound whacky, and I get that, my answer that morning was "you of course!"

And so our decision was made to proceed with our pregnancy. We made a decision to choose LIFE that day and trust that the God who creates it, would bring it to be.  The support around us was incredible from family and friends.

In fairness it hasnt been totally awful atall. Tiredness has been a near killer at times thanks to a busy life, sickness at the start was a drag and I've had a couple of visits to hospital to ensure we are both well. But I've been monitored regularly and here we are today at 35 weeks pregnant with another little boy due to join our family.

Friday just gone, I had a scheduled scan at the hospital and went along with my main hope being little man was in the correct position for birth. I had been told earlier in the pregnancy our aim was a natural delivery and wanted nothing to hinder that.
The prayer was indeed answered when the sonographer confirmed baby is head down and engaged...."yessss," I thought.
But then the news that our boys tummy was looking too large and that I would need to "come back in a few days for some tests, and another scan."
Suddenly I was mentally transported back to that morning in the gp surgey when a termination was the best advice on offer to us.
Talk turned to an early elective c-section, with the very real facts constantly outlined that I am at high risk of a uterine rupture the bigger baby gets, and the more complicated things get.
Robert, my parents and precious friends, have kept me strong this past two days. I have felt overwhelmed, and at times scared.

And then....this.....

I woke up just before 5:30am this morning.  My first thought was the baby and how we would get through this next couple of weeks. I felt myself want to pray for an easy natural delivey, that we would both be okay. But as I started to speak, God literally cut me short and stopped the words from forming.

"Sssshhh, My will Stacey not yours! Remember what I asked you at the start of this journey.....where does your trust lay?"

It was one of those incredible moments of which you hear of, but maybe go a lifetime never experiencing yourself.

"You of course," I whispered. And at that moment
PSALM 121 came to mind:
I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip—
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord watches over you—
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm
    he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

He never sleeps....He never slumbers! On Friday I had cried "where are you God? Where are you REALLY when the trials come? Because I don't see you right now."
And this morning, He answered me.  He is here....He's not sleeping, He's not bored of me, He is well ahead of me in this trial.

Because when doctors told me I wouldn't make 12 weeks of pregnancy, God told me to trust in Him, to believe in the gift of life. And here we are, 35 weeks pregnant...against all odds.
Whilst I won't ignore doctors concerns and will be sat in that clinic again on Tuesday morning, I don't go alone.  I go knowing He who never sleeps nor slumbers has already been before me. My peace, my hope, my baby and I....we are all in His hands.

I believe in LIFE and I'm believing for a beautoful miracle, however way it may come to be....believe with me? 

Be Blessed x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reflections, Aspirations and Birthay cake!

It has been a while dear blog. Over the past couple of months I've had so much I could have potentially wrote about; yet no words to articulate it all on here.
But today's my birthday and I kinda feel it's only right to share a few thoughts on this special day. Because no matter what, our birthday should always be a special day. It's the day we were chosen to make our presence on earth known, quite a significant event I would say!

This year has been abit of a weird one for me. It has been a year of me having to really really really deal with my past - my teenage years to be precise. Therefore, it has been a year of tears...many tears. It has been a year of receiving deep counsel from trusted sources, it has been a year that has stretched my marriage almost to the limit, it has been a year of a couple of friendships parting ways...a couple of old friendships being brought back to life and a few new friendships being formed. It has been a year of amazing answers to prayer that have made family life easier and so blessed. It has ultimately been a year of tremendous growth for me in so many ways.

And through it all, I have chosen to thank God. Because healing has come. Forgiveness has been granted. Relationships are soaring. I know my purpose, I have clear direction, I feel whole for the first time in my life. I feel accepted, I feel truly loved, I feel worthy of the good things in store, I have an assurance God IS GOING TO USE all my heartache and "messy stuff" to change the lives of others in time.

And on this special 33rd birthday....I am so grateful! Amongst the beautiful presents and cards and messages from my lovely family and friends, I am so grateful for this gift of life. When I think that Jesus was this exact age when He gave His life for me, wow, I just feel so humbled and amazed by Him. For a long while, I haven't fully embraced my life, dwelling on the trauma of the past, but today I feel Freedom and a fresh Hope in the future..a future already ordained by Him.
What a gift!

And of's the day I get to eat cake guilt free. I hear calories don't exist on birthdays...

Much love to you all this Christmas time xxxxx

Friday, 3 October 2014

Prayer of a wife!

I'm not quite sure why God does this to me...I feel a peaceful lull in-between blog posts, never a pressure to write every day or week....but then something will happen, and I'll get a little nagging feeling that I should share and encourage.
This is all quite sensitive and vulnerable, but I believe that is when God can break in most...

I've been married to Robert, my hubby for 12 years (17 years together as a couple). We met when I was just 16 and heading to college and he was a young guy at uni. In many ways we've grown up together, we've lived through a lot together - we've made five beautiful children, supported one another through loved ones passing away, prayed together through the more financially challenging months as our family became 7, celebrated our prayers being answered when we bought our current home and saw our children gain spaces in great schools, established family life and lead ministry together at our home church. Over the years, we've worked hard to be a team and establish a happy home.
But just recently, we've found ourselves in abit of a lull...not a peaceful one like in-between blog posts, but a flat one that has felt tiring, frustrating and sometimes unloving.

Whilst there hasn't been any huge problems  - in fact life is the best it's ever been for us in so many ways  - there have been a build up of small "niggles" that have grated on us and if left unspoken about, caused abit of a barrier between us communicating and doing life aswell together as we have been.
It's so easy out of tiredness and impatience to utter hurtful words or start a self pity party isn't it.
It's so easy to take this God anointed relationship for granted and put everything and everyone else first.

Whilst we both have parts to play in our experience this past few weeks, I feel it's only right (and honourable to my husband) to speak about the revelation I've had following our conversations as a couple and the prayers I've prayed with a couple of trusted friends during this time...

And that is - that I need to be a more prayerful wife who puts her husband first!

I think I've put Rob on abit of a pedestal since the day I met him as a hurt 16 year old who was crying out to be rescued. No doubt about it, Rob was sent into my life at the right time in that respect. I know wholeheartedly it was no coincidence we met and have built this life together, but I'm aware I've perhaps relied on him to be my perfect knight in shining armour whose always happy, ever forgiving, ever gentle, ever kind, and doesn't have the emotional needs like I do. 
That's wrong of me.
He may not have the same DNA make up as me, but the fact Rob's a man and I'm a woman does in no way make it correct that he doesn't need the same emotional support I do. We're both human and aslong as that fact remains, our needs are in fact very similar...of course, I know there are certain traits that make us females very different from the male species, but for the sake of this post...lets look at this from the angle of us being human form-fullstop!

I've found myself over the years continually look for praise and reassurance from him as I've been a stay at home mum and raised our family...and whilst I've listened to how his day at work was...I'm not sure I've fully taken it seriously that he may really want and need me to take in how his day has been...occupying myself or being distracted. 
That's wrong of me.
Of course my husbands day matters to me. Of course I should stop what I'm doing and as snooze-ville as the techie stuff may sound to this very un-techie girl, tune into what he actually does for a career. Of course I should be the person to fully reassure him, love him and pray for him when a colleague has been difficult, and not dismiss it because "he's a man, and men get over things like that quickly and easier than us girls!"
But sometimes, I can be so absorbed with "what happened with my friend today" or "one of the kids isn't feeling great" or "this dinner won't cook itself, nor the dishwasher fill itself" or "oh wow, look at this Facebook status" that I don't give him 100% of me.

Whilst life is busy and I juggle five children- which naturally means - 2 schools, 1 nursery, 7 "out of school" clubs, 5 lots of hormones and unfolding life stories, church ministry, friends, extended family, and my own spiritual health, I really don't want my marriage to be just another thing I juggle. I want my marriage to remain strong and not something I think of as "being okay, because it's there!"
That's wrong of me.
Because when something is given to you as a gift from God, which I believe my husband and my marriage is, we are to hold it sacred, nurture it, care for it and keep Him very much in it. 
I know as the woman of this house, I need to be praying for my husband throughout every day. I need to be his biggest ambassador and advocate. I need to be claiming him unending favour, peace and strength as he works hard and fights for a better life for his family. It's a dog eat dog world out there and I don't want my husband falling prey to it.

Because when we pray...when we take the time to want to put more into something than demand what we feel we should be getting out of it...the supernatural happens and our needs are instantly met. Because that's the grace and goodness of God.
As I pray more for my husband I believe God will bless me with my needs being met because He will see and reward the honour of my actions.

Some things are so worth fighting for and putting our all into hey!
I'm learning my marriage is one of those things.
It's not something I can take for granted.
Even for the easier marriages, which I've felt ours has been, there are tough days...seasons even.
I'm seeing that the enemy wants to break every relationship he possibly can...he comes to steal, kill and destroy...only prayer and obedience to Gods word can break down those plans.
I'm learning that I'm not the only one who needs to feel loved...that I can't use my past hurts as an excuse, and that I need to be fully loving all the time.
I believe we're entering a new season...a deeper season with great purpose and which will require us to be the strongest we've ever been as a couple.
I'm committing myself to being a more prayerful wife.

And I'm encouraging you, if you're married, to do the same.
Commit yourself to praying more for your husband.
Stop what you're doing and engage with him as he tells you about his day.
Stop demanding all the attention and lavish him for a while.
Walk in love...even on the tougher days.

Whilst we can't control others, we can with Gods help, control how we walk through this life.

And please know, this post is not me belittling issues in marriage.
This is not me being holier than thou and saying help should not be sought if a marriage is buckling under the pressure of circumstance.
This is not me demanding that everyone do it my way.
This is not me saying my husband and I are now perfect...we are very imperfect and whilst we walk through our lives on earth always will be.

This is just my revelation...that I'm willing to share with you.
Feel free to keep us in your prayers, the best thing we can do for anyone, the biggest act of provision we can extend to a friend is heartfelt prayer :-)
Be Blessed x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Gods ideal

I don't know if this a post of me justifying myself or having a rant or what. I do know I always love to encourage through my writings, so I'm going to be real and honest and pray this word does indeed bless someone who reads it.

Recently I was told I shouldn't be so open about the fact I was 7 months pregnant when I married my childhood sweetheart...oh darn...guess I can't get any more open than saying that here...shoot me now!
The person who gave me this piece of rubbish, sorry, heartfelt advice is someone in my church case that causes anyone any confusion, that's not my biological or married into family, but my church family - because that's what we believe we are to one another when we attend and serve in the same church place - family - people who protect, love and share life together with a common love of Jesus.
A conversation followed their sentence, which was pretty much me saying this....

"I don't regret my eldest son. I'm not ashamed of my eldest son. I know He was very much a part of Gods plan. The fact that both Josh and I very nearly died at the end of my pregnancy and during his birth and the doctors thought he would be (at the very least) partially brain damaged...but we are both here today, healthy and doing this life, is my absolute reassurance that my first born IS and WAS a part of Gods plan. My bible tells me in Psalm 139:13-16
"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them."
If this scripture is relevant to bloggs...surely it's relevant and true of my big boy too right?

This is the thing okay...Whilst I know the difference between right over wrong, righteousness over sin, opinion over fact, truth over lies...I also know God is a loving God. And I know He has an ideal. Was me getting pregnant at the age of 20 with my eldest child by the man I had been in relationship with for 5 years, engaged to for 10 months illegal? No, of course it wasn't. As someone who believed in Jesus it was however not Gods ideal for my life. His ideal would have been me remaining a virgin until after my wedding and conceiving Josh within that union, and I know that. I accept that and I've asked for and accepted His grace and mercy over me for that. Have I ever regretted Joshua? NO WAY! And me not being honest and humble and gentle about that part of my life journey - when he was conceived - would be just that. It would be me being ashamed of him. And I'm not.

I know this post may upset some people. Hey...if you want some fluffy sugar dust coated read, you're on the wrong blog guys.
I refuse to apologise to anyone for the brave and amazing decision Robert and I made to keep that baby and love that baby.

Do I wish the same for my children? I'll tell you straight - I want my children to be so much more amazing than their parents. I want them to change the world...I want them to stand on roof tops shouting their love for Jesus. I want them to experience life and life at it's fullness. I want them to marry good people and make beautiful babies within that union. I want sex to be the last thing on their minds whilst they build up their futures. I want them to know that intimacy in marriage is amazing...special....Gods ideal...
But I also want them to know that we love them. We see them for what they are...the same as everyone else...broken humans who can only do life well when He is leading the way. And that we will try our damn best to show them grace and love throughout their journeys. That we will support them and help them...whatever their situation. Because that's what we've been called to do as their parents.
We will continue to encourage them that they should never feel ashamed...of their skin colour, of their heritage, of their taste in clothes, of their dreams and aspirations...of their mistakes...and their slip ups.

I can't bear it when we preach over people how much God loves them and has a perfect plan and is in control...and then when we don't like something within that, we screw up our perfect little noses and have an opinion - no where bible related.

So, please....never tell me I should make any aspect of my life a dirty little secret to be hidden and ashamed of. I'm too grown up in so many ways to believe that crap any more. What He has done in me...only a few of you know...and this is me unfinished...WOW...IM SO EXCITED! There's more to come and I'm ready!

And is based on choices. Our own choices! And whether or not they are His ideal for us! When He is FIRST in our lives, our choices will always stand in line with His ideal <3 p="">
Be blessed xxx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Letter from the heart; to you Grandma Omokaro

Dear Mummy,

We've been praying for this day for so long...and now it's almost here....the day we all meet in person. The day me and my children get to touch you, smell you, laugh with you face to face, pray with you holding your hands and hug you close. There's so much to catch up on, so many gaps to be filled...I'm overwhelmed and not sure we'll manage it in just 7 whirlwind to start, here's this...a letter from the heart-in case I mess anything up!

16 years! That's how long we've been in each others lives. Of course I was much shyer back then...16 years of age and falling in love with your baby were a strong minded capable business woman...I felt intimidated and nervous most of the time when we spoke-in awe of you raising four children whilst holding onto a strong career. You were popular; ambitious; respected; Godly.
Me? I was just starting out, new to college and my business studies course, holding down a waitress job in-between lectures, jumping on the train to get here, there and everywhere. We were two women thousands of miles apart in distance, living in very different cultures, yet joined together by their love for one person.
It's amazing how quickly the years fly by; it's also pretty amazing that despite never being together in person we have built up a relationship of mutual respect, integrity and trust.
We're both two different women today compared to back're still that feisty, strong minded lady, but your slower in pace now, smaller in stature and more reliant on your children, following daddy's passing three years ago.
Me? Well I've been your namesake -  Mrs.Omokaro for nearly 12 years...and together we have your five beautiful grandchildren-the hobbits. I'm working hard to carry the household and be a good wife to your boy, a great mummy to the babies and to serve God and get myself back into the workplace once little princess starts school.
For years we have prayed together for a day when we would all be united in person celebrating life...and only the way God answers His prayers, here we are - literally about to see our dreams come true.
I wonder mainly how we will be I run into your arms? Shake your hand-yeh right!
I'm pretty certain 5 little - well maybe not little in height! - people will swarm around you first. They will want to take in every single inch of your face, your smile, your laugh...biggest boy is nearly 11, number 2 son is 9, number 3 little man is 7, the pirate is 5 and fairy twinkle toes is 3. They are so excited to be meeting daddy's mummy for the very first time. And I will honour that by allowing your first moments to be special and about them and you :-)

But...I know I'll want to have you to myself for a few hours. I'll tell you stories from our early relationship days and then our wedding day, to keep in with being typical women, I'll share every detail of each birth story, I'll no doubt fill you in on how great a man your third child is (and possibly add a few of his I'll praise you for bringing this amazing person into the world, for doing your best by him as he grew-for ensuring he had good morals, manners and respect for women. I'll thank you for allowing him to follow Gods prompting of moving back to the UK all those years ago when he was just a teenager, and I'll squeeze your hand for never once judging him for entering a mixed race relationship with me, for blessing our marriage with your prayers, advice and love.
We're learning each day that marriage is a journey-not always fact some days it's really hard. And I know you get that. I know you understand that being a strong woman can be challenging in marriage at times...that humbling ourselves is a gift from God...and I thank you that you're encouraging of me and love me. It's a factor that helps your son to keep loving me for me-this I know.

You're amazing Mrs. Victoria Omokaro - my beautiful mother-in-law. Because life always hasn't been easy for you- yet here we will stand, celebrating your 70th birthday as a whole family - rejoicing at your life, claiming many more family reunions...many more gatherings and happy memories.
I don't want to think of how we will say goodbye at the end of our week together...I'll carry on concentrating on how we will say fact, can we make a pact to not say goodbye? As we depart, can we maybe say something along the lines of "Next time you'll make the first cuppa...." or "Girlie shopping day in town soon..." No goodbyes...I don't like goodbyes, especially when there haven't been enough of them in person over the years.

So...this letter comes to an end for now...but it very much sums up the thoughts whirling round my mind this Thursday evening. I promise to print it and give it to you...maybe you can read it before we have our time out together...I feel I may revert back to that timid (well I was slightly) 16 year old girl - and this could start us off nicely.
Not long now sweet lady....and this time I'll make the first cuppa :-)

Love always
Stace xxx

Monday, 30 June 2014

The "right" girl for the job!

Hebrews 11:31
"By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient."

As I've walked through life and ministry over the years, I, myself have sometimes felt an injustice at opportunities I felt would be great for me, being given to someone else. I've also experienced fear of not being good enough when certain opportunities have been entrusted into my hands. 
It's so easy to look both at our own flaws and mess-ups and to size up others based on theirs. 
I've been taking a long, slow journey through the old testament over these past few months and have been intrigued with the example of Rahab in the book of Joshua. I shared some thoughts with my small group girls last week, and still the tale of this woman overlooked by many plays in my mind. 

I've been asking myself "what is it about Rahab that I'm relating to and what is it I'm meant to be grasping from her situation and how God used her?"
Well, I think I may have an answer...

Rahab was a lady who stood out in her community for all the wrong reasons. She was an inn-keeper who also serviced men for money - a prostitute and in some descriptions I've read of her - a harlot (personally I don't like that word, but it does help build a picture of how society looked upon her!)
To give you a small background on the time Rahab was living in, The Jews had finally entered the Promised Land of Canaan after wandering around for 40 years in the desert. Moses had died and they were now being led by Joshua - a mighty warrior, leading an army obeying his orders from God. Joshua had secretly sent two spies to scout out the city of Jericho.
Rahab ran an inn built on the Jericho city wall where she hid the spies on her roof top. When the king of Jericho learned the men had been to Rahab's house, he sent orders for her to hand them over. She lied to the king's soldiers concerning the whereabouts of the spies, and sent them off in the opposite direction.
Then she went up to the spies and pleaded for her life and for the lives of her family members. She made an oath with them. Rahab would keep silent about their mission and the Israelites would spare everyone in her household when they invaded the city. She was to hang a scarlet cord from her window as a sign, so the Jews could find and protect her.
In the battle of Jericho, the invincible city did fall. Joshua gave orders to rescue Rahab and all in her house. She and her family were then adopted by the Jews and stayed with them - meaning, Jesus was therefore a descendant of Rahab - cool huh?
Whilst society and possibly even Rahab herself would never think she was good for such an important role, God saw past all her short-comings and saw only her potential. He knew the right girl for the job, even if she or the people around didn't....and thankfully for Rahab, Joshua trusted fully in Gods plan and thankfully for Joshua and his army - Rahab did too.
Too often, we are quick to scrutinise our own abilities and worth, which can then lead us, through insecurity and envy, scrutinising other peoples. 
Why do so many people find it easy to grieve with others; yet struggle to celebrate peoples good fortune? Why do we feel the need to rip apart our own lives and the potential we have, when we hear "she" got the "job?" 
The truth is, none of us fully know anyone else's hearts and minds. I'm not even sure if we truly know our own to be honest. But God does. God knows the desires that lie within us, He knows the roles we will and do excel in and the ones that would be better in the hands of another. If only we could keep our eyes fixed on Him and trust in His provision in all areas of our lives, much easier everyday life would be!
It's so easy for us, from the inside of our being - through loneliness, regret, sadness...despair, to look at another's outside and see only perfection, beauty, Godliness and favour...but the truth is God sees all those beautiful things in us - because He has placed all those positive attributes in us, He has sculpted us in His image and His plan, and His world is big enough to use everyone of us in the same way He used Rahab. 
If God only needed one daughter to fulfill what He wants to achieve on earth, well the world would be a pretty empty place my friend. 
It's time, we recognise and grasp that it's no coincidence we are here. 
It's time, we believe that our flaws, our mess-ups, our "not so perfect" pasts are not bigger than the One who created us and we are "the right girl for the job!" It's more about asking for His direction and wisdom in finding that right role, than believing the lie that we are not good for anything.
Rahab may have believed the lie she was only good enough to service men her entire life; but God had a better path for her to take...a path which changed and moulded an entire history ahead of her. Because when we take the opportunity He has given us and use it correctly, we move into the next dimension.
It's amazing - and it's readily available for each of us. 
My prayer is, that you and I, we would continue to have the boldness to celebrate others and the faithfulness to know that we are here because we too are worthy, we have potential and we do make a difference! His Will; Our Potential and purpose - all in the opportunity, that lies within us!
Be Blessed xx

Friday, 30 May 2014

Nothing {5 minute Friday}

"This is the place where once a week we take the chance to just write, and not worry if it’s just right or not. For five minutes flat. Here’s how the game works: you simply stop, drop and write. Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them, don’t try to make them perfect."   I chose this week to do just that and link up with the fab Lisa-Jo Baker on her prompt "Nothing!" Here goes:
Nothing is such an empty word don't you think? 
"What you up to?" .... Nothing
"What you thinking? ....Nothing
"What's wrong?"  ....Nothing
"What shall we do today?"  ....Nothing
Nothing is an empty word. 
In the message version of the bible, Genesis 1:1 says "First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness."
When you look around you right now at your surroundings, can you imagine a time when earth was a "soup of nothingness?" It's kind of hard to fully comprehend how that would have been isn't it. My surrounding right now is my comfortable, warm and very homely living room. I look out of the window and am welcomed to the sight of pretty flowers, blossom trees and my children's tree swing swaying in the wind. It's beautiful...but once upon a time..."earth was a soup of nothingness!"
Lord, I want you to know I don't take this for granted. I'm in awe of your creative eye...I love how you crafted all I see around me together, how beautiful it is; how much it comforts me; delights me; makes me feel safe...loved. 
I'm so grateful that you turn our nothingness into something truly majestic and purposeful. That when we are "down to nothing; you are up to something!" The times when we feel worthless and as though we have nothing to offer, you see only the best - you strengthen; you guide; you refresh, you awaken. 
The truth is without you....there really is nothing....because you...well you are everything. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever! 

Five Minute Friday