Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hillsong Conf 2009!!

Okay, I just had to write a very quick post to say I am sooooo excited. Tomorrow lunch time my gorgeous hubby and I travel to London for 5 days, 4 nights to attend the Hillsong Conference 2009 at Excel. This will be the third year we've had the pleasure of going...and the best thing...we don't take the boys!!! How blessed are we that my fab parents are going to move in here for that period, and look after all FOUR children for us.
The previous years we've stayed in the Travel Lodge down the road from Excel (nice -basic home comforts and all that), but this year we think we deserve to go abit more up market and are staying at the Crowne Plaza right on the doorstep of the venue! Fab-a-rooney!!!!!!

I can't wait. I get to spend that whole time with 2 of the most important men in my life - my hubby and God! Time to relax, laugh, share, chat, hold hands, worship, listen, pray, hear amazing speakers and hopefully meet with God in a new way!
I feel so on fire at the moment as it is, but think ... know, great things are going to happen for us & through us by attending the conference this year!

I'm so thankful to be having this special away.....BUT.... for now, it's bath times for the boys, followed by homework, feeding the baby, getting them to bed, hoovering, writing out their routine for my mummy..... Then Sparklers tomorrow morning with the youngest two men before coming home, grabbing bags and hubby and zooming onto the m4!

So, have a great few days everyone. I cannot wait to blog all about it when we get home.

God bless and lots of Stacey love coming your way! xxx


  1. Have an amazing time, I have promised myself I will go next year, it is wonderful isn't it?
    I hope God blows you both away x

  2. Stacey...I will be praying fo you both..that you have an amazing time....be blessed in the worship...the word...the fellowship..the fun..the space to be just hubby and wife together...eat and drink in peace...explore life again ....

    ooohhhh I am so wanting to be there too.!!will look forward to you blogging it all


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