Monday, 19 March 2012

   Reflections of being a mummy...and having some great mother figures in my life!

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in the UK. Some would say everyday should be Mothers Day...a day to honour the great work of all women who have a responsibility to others...well that's how I look at it anyway.

I am so extremely blessed to be a 5 beautiful children. Josh who is 9 years old, Adam who is 7, Isaac who is nearly 5, Samuel who is 3 years and little Olivia who is 8 months of age. I always knew I wanted to be a was pretty much at the top of my list from a young age along with being a teacher, banker, events organiser, business executive or singer! I knew I wanted brown skinned babies and would have 3 or 4 of them...God definately heard on both accounts and added 1 more into the mix! Despite having a degree and being very career minded, I am in fact a stay at home mum and have been since having our eldest child...quite ironic though that all the above career desires as a child get used when your a busy mum ;-) Sometimes, I look at my children and can't quite believe they are all mine...that God has entrusted me with 5 little lives. I try so hard to be the best mummy I can to them...but I know I don't always get it right. I love big families and love that we are one...the constant buzz of activity, never a dull moment or never no-one to speak with, laugh with, play a silly game with. I love cooking which is a good job, and delight in seeing them polish off their meals and sometimes...gross for some...lick their plates as "it was so tasty mummy!"
I love celebrating their achievements, watching them grow and develop. I love having endless cuddles and kisses with my beautiful tribe.
But, I also breathe a sigh of relief and rest when they are all tucked up in bed at night and I can have some me time...lets keep this real peeps...Mary Poppins I am not.

I'm also very very blessed to have an amazing biological mum. Tracy Beckham is her name and she is one of the strongest women I know. She's also one of my very best friends and I am so proud of her and in awe of how she has coped with what life has thrown her way over the years. She is a beautiful grandmother and our children love their nanny so much. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being such a great example, encouragement and support to me. She really is up there with the best and deserves recognition for all her hard work and commitment to her family. LOVE YOU MUM SO MUCH xxx

I very much believe you can be a mum to someone without having given birth to them...spiritual mothers are so beautiful and important in life, and I am so blessed to have an amazing lady be mine. Yvonne Scott is Childrens Pastor at the church we are members of. I consider her a great friend and role model and am so lucky to have her as my ministry and personal mentor. I have learnt so much from her and admire her wisdom, knowledge and grace. She is an important part of my life and I just want to honour her too for her love, encouragement, honesty and all the time she invests in me despite having her own family and a busy schedule...Thank you SO much Yvonne for everything you put into me and my family...your prayers and advice are invaluable to us xxx

My family and I sponsor 3 children through a charity called Compassion. Aswell as having a financial commitment to them, we write letters, share photos, draw pictures and provide them with birthday and christmas gifts. My husband and I consider David who is 7 years of age and from Cambodia , Bethlehem who is 6 and from Ethiopia and Anyi who is 5 and from Columbia a part of our family. We have a love for these 3 children and truly care about their futures and lives. It is an absolute honour to be kind of spiritual parents to these little people and to be in contact with their families/carers and who knows...maybe meet them all one day... our children would like too, how fab would that be.
I also mentor a young girl from our church, who I have grown to love like a little sister over the past 15 months. She knows who she is, and I am just so proud of her and think she is amazing...God has great plans for this lady and it is an absolute honour to share her life and pray with and for her....

Please be encouraged that you can play a big motherly role in someones life without actually haven given birth to them. The role we play in encouraging one-another, loving one-another is so important.

So to finish, back to my little people...I was very spoilt yesterday...I had breakfast made for me, I had some beautiful home-made cards and gifts from my lovely boys...and I was also treated to an! I honestly didn't see that one coming...but was told it was to say how proud they all are of me and how much they appreciate me and value exciting as an iPad is...these words mean more to me than any materialistic gesture. To be honoured by my family and encouraged that I meet their needs well makes me happy. I pray constantly for more grace, patience, love, wisdom, an extra hour here and there, and that God would continue to expand my capabilities with my growing brood. I am excited about the future with my lovely family...thank you Jesus for the people in my life.

"Thank you God for mothers...however and in whatever form they enter our lives, I just say thank you for women who love, support, encourage and get alongside other people despite their own needs and lives. I pray for anyone out there who may be reading this that you would bless them and that they would know your love and the love of a mother figure in their own life. I pray for any lady reading this whose desire is to be a mother herself that you would meet that desire, that you would bless her and open her eyes to the needs around her of others she can love and be an encouragement too. Amen" xx

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