Thursday, 19 July 2012

A whole load of Canulas....Part 2!

 So, Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote a post about my mum who is very poorly at the moment. At that time she was in hospital undergoing tests and being dosed up with various potions and enduring many pokes and prodding. We didn't have a clue what was wrong with her, and we're just getting through each day trusting God and making countless hospital visits.

Fast forward to today and my mum is here at my house, staying with myself, Rob and the kids. My dads working a couple of jobs at the mo (his field - like waiting for a work...too much bus...every bus that ever existed coming along) so it quite clearly meant my mum should come stay and I look after her. This has been lovely...but its also been tough...and not because of the good old traditional, tongue-in-cheek "mother," "mother-in-law" jokes, but because seeing my mum in pain, pale, crying and scared is so very very hard.
Thanks to blood tests and various scans, we definitely know what's NOT wrong with my mum and have more of an idea of what is lurkng there. We know it's not gallbladder problems, we know it's not an ulcer, and we know it's definitely not coelics disease. So, this means we are very possibly closer to hearing the news that my precious, beautiful, Godly mummy has a tumour in her tummy.

If I can speak honestly (Sorry...I always do) I feel absolutely shattered...mentally and emotionally. I'm running the race, completing my tasks, but I'm in a different place right now. Not a bad place, just a different place...we've had countless conversations and heart-to-hearts, and we know God is SO in every circumstance we will EVER face! This is our journey... my mums journey... with God, not without Him. He knows what He's doing and why we go through what we do.
I don't fully get it...I just don't...but I love Him, I trust Him and I thank Him that my mum knows Him and has Him to rely on.

Im so lucky that whilst she hasn't always been perfect - who is - I have been so blessed to have an amazing earthly mother. Yes, we've clashed at times over the years...possibly because we're really quite similar...but we are great friends. I respect my mum, I love her loads and I am here for her throughout this whole time.

So, the plan for now is that next Thursday my mum needs to have a procedure called a gastroscopy done. I'd really appreciate prayers for her to know Peace about the procedure (she may be a great nurse, but she is a wimpy patient...sorry mum, but you are!), that we would have favour with the team at the hospital, that the kids would be okay so I can be at the hospital with her and that we would actually get some more results and a bigger idea of what this definitely is... apparently it can take anything up to 2 weeks to get the biopsy results.... I HATE WAITING!
But, we fully 10000% believe in the power of prayer, and would appreciate any prayers people can throw this way. We are secure in Gods plan...we trust whatever the outcome, it's His way that reigns over our mums life!

So, whilst I'm sorry this particular post may not be the most uplifting thing I've written, hopefully it gives anyone whose interested an up-to-date picture of where we're at.

To finish...there is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for...I have many:
Thank you God for your love, your Son Jesus, my children, my husband, my family especially my mum, great health, food and drink, our house, our cars, fresh air, running water, cosy beds, boot-camp tonight which is benefiting me on so many levels, Robs job and it's proivision for us, amazing friends who are keeping me strong...and life!

Be Blessed :-)

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