Sunday, 22 July 2012


I really like daisies. They're such a simple yet pretty little flower, and when I was younger I could sit for ages either alone or with friends making daisy chain necklaces and bracelets...such lovely memories!

A friend posted a picture of a vase of homegrown daisies on Twitter the other day, and as I admired their natural beauty, they made me think about how God should be placed in our lives.

If we refer to the picture to the left of some daisies, we can see the vibrant yellow centre of the flower with delicate white petals dotted around it...if that centre was to be damaged in anyway, the delicate petals would struggle to stay put, some may even fall off the flower. If any of the petals were to be damaged and not cling to that gorgeous yellow circle, the flower would have bare patches and the design of the flowers roundness wouldn't be as smooth and full...the flower would look, be and feel incomplete.
This, I feel can be said of us when we don't keep God as the centre of our lives...every little aspect of our everyday happenings. Imagine yourself for a moment as a daisy...your in the yellow centre of the flower and the white petals represent all the people and activities in your life. One petal is perhaps your job, one represents your children, another your friendships, and so on... It can be pretty hard maintaining every area in life and ensuring you give 100% to everything your doing or being.
Just as an unwatered Daisy's petals would become limp and gradually fall away, without God as the centre of our lives, our relationships, tasks, interests etc can make us feel overwhelmed, weary, tired if we don't water them regularly with Gods wisdom, grace and guidance. If you want to be the best looking, healthiest daisy in the vase, you need God right there as that shiny yellow centre with you!

I honestly believe and practice keeping God at the forefront of everything I do and everyone I encounter in life. I totally appreciate some people may not understand this, but for me it works and I know through experiencing God fully in my heart that I do life so much better with Him in the driving seat. I don't just pray for wisdom in my marriage and then expect my parenting skills to be amazing...I don't just pray for one particular friendship then expect to get along with everyone....we have to learn to pray and put God at the front of EVERY thing we do, EVERYONE we share this life with, every dream we dare to turn into a reality if it be Gods will for us.

So, my challenge to you is this...draw a daisy! Seriously, draw a daisy...then in each petal write an area of your write "GOD" in the centre of the flower, and then write "ME" under it, and as honestly as you can think about the areas God is lacking in your life.
When was the last time you prayed for your marriage...really really prayed and put God in control of your relationship with your spouse?
When was the last time you asked for more patience and wisdom at work with "that" difficult colleague or customer?
When the last time you asked God to reveal to you something He'd like you to do for time?
When was the last time you asked God to give you wisdom with each of your children...if you have more than one you seek individual wisdom or put your kids in one box (so to speak)?

It may sound abit of a silly task, but I think if you tried it (what do you have to lose) you'd be
surprised at how much you do in life, and maybe just how little you ask for Gods help. I know I'm a much prettier, upright flower when I'm at peace with Gods will...when I give things to Him and rest in His direction over them... are you also?

Hmmm, who'd have thought a daisy could conquer up such thoughts..thank you Jesus that you speak to us and through us in the simplest forms....again I say, when we make life complex, you keep it easy.

Be Blessed :-)

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