Sunday, 8 July 2012

A whole load of canulas!

Jeremiah 33:6 "Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will Heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth!"

My beautiful mummy is poorly...very poorly at this exact moment in time. Truth is she's been unwell for a long time. To be exact nearly 14 years.
Doctors have completed endless examinations and tests and diagnosed her with crohns disease initially which is where she has a severe intolerance to wheat and gluten and if she eats these products she is quite poorly and her bowel becomes inflamed. For many years this condition has been under control...but more recently her health has been all over the place.
Recently she was investigated for bowel cancer. She was losing weight rapidly, going to the loo anything up to 12 times a day and bleeding. She had a stint in hospital and came out with the great news that she was indeed clear of cancer in the bowel but did have an area that was awfully inflamed. We celebrated...we cried...we thanked God! This was nothing a dose of meds wouldn't clear up, and with some extra tlc, the hope was she would recover quickly.

Throughout that whole time, I felt petrified, but clung onto the scripture above, Jeremiah 33:6

Despite the tiredness not shifting much, my mum did seem to perk up health wise, and I honestly believed we were over the worse. But then a couple of weeks ago the sickness started...awful bouts of sickness. She visited the GP and he prescribed medication to ease the nausea and informed her after 10 days she was to go for blood tests and then he would send her for a scan to rule out a stomach ulcer.
We didn't reach that 10 days as Friday night into Saturday morning my mum became very poorly at home. She had moments of her whole body ceasing up and cramping all over. She was vomiting non stop and was extremely weak. My dad contacted me and I drove over and took her straight to the hospital. We went in via A&E and I am so impressed with how they reacted. Without covering all the boring, medical, squeamish bits, my mum has been admitted onto a clinical investigation ward.
 A scan to her torso has shown an enlarged liver and stomach...tomorrow she will have an all over body scan and a procedure called an endoscopy, where a camera is inserted down the throat to look closer at her stomach. She is extremely drugged up to ease the pain and nausea but is comfortable :)
At the best we may be dealing with a nasty ulcer or a horrific case of gallbladder problems.
Whilst these are a pain in the butt, they are both very worse, the doctors have been very frank and told us there could be a tumour in her stomach.
All three potential diagnosis will require her to have surgery, as she is so poorly.

Hmmm, I feel that familiar petrified feeling in the pit of my tummy, I feel a weight of sobs in the back of my eyes, I feel tired in my mind....but, and this may sound wierd to some, most of all I feel strong in God that HE has provided a great medical team to look after my mum, that HE has made her in HIS perfect image, that HE knows the plans He has to give my mummy the best future possible, that HE is a GOOD GOD who HEALS, RESTORES, PROTECTS, COMFORTS, STRENGTHENS.
NOTHING this life throws at us can be compared to the love God has for us. NOTHING this life throws at us is BIGGER than the GOD who created this earth. NOTHING this life throws at us will STOP my family and I STANDING FIRM on HIS word.
Lord, whilst I don't understand sickness, whilst I long to wave a magic wand and have my beautiful mother up on her feet right now hounding me about whether or not I'm looking after myself properly whilst I run around after the kids and Rob, I chose instead to dwell on your word...Jeremiah 33:6 to be precise.... "Behold, I will bring in health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth!"

Be Blessed :)

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