Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Oh you gotta have friends......!

Today's blog entry is dedicated to a very special person in my life.
I'm so blessed to be a friend and to have many good friends. I totally value people who welcome me into their world, entrust me, laugh with me, and allow me to spend time with them.
Equally, I am hugely blessed to have many many friends. I believe it is possible to cherish many people but that friendships fall into different levels or categories so to speak. You can have those friends who you see every now and then for a cuppa and catch up, and it's nice and you know you'd always be there for that person and vice versa but you don't necessarily share every in depth moment of your lives with eachother. Then there are the friends who are made through having kids of a similar age and with similar interests. You share the highs and lows of parenting, have park play dates, share birthday parties, etc...but again, you may not share totally personal stuff about your lives...simply because there is no need. Similarly, maybe you're involved in a particular hobby and have met some people through that joint passion who you love seeing but may not ever introduce your whole family too because again, that's not what that particular friendship needs.
I just love friendship.....I love praying, talking and laughing with people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life..but especially with a small circle of girls who I am extremely close too and know are there for me, love me and pray with and for me through all of lifes seasons.
After a couple of traumatic experiences in my teens, I found it hard for a long while to trust people....but over the years my guard has dropped...Jesus has softened me and I know the women who value me as much as I value them! I also have a truly amazing husband who I Love with all my heart and thank God for every day. He is my ultimate soul mate and I just adore him! I am blessed and I know it.

In particular though, there is one very very special girl who has just changed my life with her presence. This girl I class as my sister. The fact we have different biological parents doesn't matter...we know the bond we share is more than just friendship.
I first met this person when she was heavily pregnant with her third child. I'd seen her up on stage leading worship at church, I'd heard all about her, I'd been at the same social events as her, but we'd never really spoken much...until a toddler group Christmas event. A mutual friend introduced us properly and from that moment we clicked.
If I remember right, it was us leading a kids group together that saw us grow close and over the past five years our relationship has gone from strength to strength. She's one of the few friends I can cry and snot over, fart in front of, visit in my pyjamas wearing no make up, discuss ANY subject under the sun with and know she won't think me mad, horrid, stupid or plain crazy. I know I can reveal my full self to her-warts and all, share my worries, successes, ambitions, past secrets and they won't go any further than the four walls surrounding us. She's the person I can turn to ANYTIME of last night...9.50pm to be exact when I heard my mums health had detoriated following major surgery and called this friends phone....I was a blubbering mess....but my beautiful friend took time to hear me out, encourage me, pray with me and love me...despite being shattered herself and dealing with her own family issues.

Friends such as these are pure gems....I'm sure you can think of a friend similar to mine, who you wouldn't be without...ever! precious beautiful sister...Sally Roper...I love you so much. I thank God for your life...I thank God for your realness, your humbleness, your love, your wisdom, your time for me and my family, your beautiful creative gifts you randomly drop through the door. I thank Him for your funny laugh which makes me smile, that you accept me for me, you always have time for me, you never judge me or make me feel silly or worthless, that you have never ditched me for someone better, that you treat me with respect even if our opinions differ, that you try so hard to not eat that second slice of cake...but think oh what the hell sometimes and have a third ;-)
I just think your awesome my love. Everyone needs a Sally friend in life, and I'm so blessed to have you. Thank you huni xxxxx

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