Friday, 30 November 2012

"Baaaa" "Baaaa" ... We are all sheep...!

This morning whilst my older boys were getting dressed for school, Olivia our 16 month old was sat in front of CBeebies (it DOES have its uses!) watching a show called Timmy Time! For anyone who is not familiar with this show, it's a little carton based around Timmy - a lamb - and his nursery adventures. It's really quite cute and scarily very similar to how our little people behave!

I couldn't help thinking of our 3 year old son Samuel who is at nursery and if him and his little friends got up to the same antics as Timmy and his animal friends. So I asked him:

"Sam, do you have fun at nursery like Timmy with your friends?"

Samuels response was so sweet:

"Yes mummy, I like nursery and my friends....but mummy, I'm not a sheep!"

Our eldest son then had great delight in explaining to Sam that Timmy was in fact a lamb and the whole cycle behind natures young and their parents.
Whilst the boys had their little conversation, I got to thinking about what Sam had said, "I'm not a sheep!"

True! Last time I checked he was definitely human...but surely there is a-bit of sheep in all of us....let me explain my thinking!

Sheep aren't known for being very smart bless them. They have the ability to wander into deep water, get completely sodden wet, and then drown due to their wool getting very heavy and stopping them from getting out of the water.
Sheep also don't have a great sense of direction. They walk around aimlessly and require a shepherd and/or a sheep dog to guide them safely to their destinations. They require someone with more knowledge than them to care for them, teach them and keep them on the right track.
Summed up, without wise help and support, sheep are pretty useless by themselves!

Whilst hopefully most of us aren't growing wool from our ears and wandering into lakes and drowning, as with the animal species of sheep, we too require that extra help to get us through life more easily. As mere humans we do tend to find ourselves in situations beyond our control.
Isaiah 53:6 tells us "We have all wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone our own way!"

Truth is, we all need a shepherd in our lives, to guide us, protect us and help us reach our destination as easily and safely as possible...and how blessed are we that Jesus came to be that person!
Jesus said in John 10:14-15 "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me. Just as the Father knows me and I know the Father-and I lay down my life for the sheep!"

I feel pretty useless when I attempt to deal with things life throws my way myself...I know that when I trust in my Jesus, things feel safer, more secure, easier....less heavy!

So, as a little encouragement today...whose your shepherd? When life feels heavy and you find yourself aimlessly wandering around like a lost sheep, who do you turn to?
Whilst friends and loved ones fill an earthly need in our lives of love, friendship, advice and real hugs...can I be truthful and tell you, they too are little sheep my friend...each needing to remember who their shepherd is. Draw close to the one who layed His life down for you...He loves you so much and really does have everything He needs to get you to where you're headed safely....

Be Blessed :-)


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