Monday, 12 November 2012

Paint Pots!

As many people are aware we are a mixed raced family.
I was born in Taplow, Buckinghamshire here in the lovely UK. And whilst there is a real mix in my extended families of Irish, London Cockney, Spanish and Northern England, I was raised in the South in a county called Berkshire. I'm very fair skinned (that would be the Irsih side coming out!!!) have dark hair and greeny blue eyes.
My hubby, Robert is a British born Nigerian. His parents moved here in the 1960's and Rob was born in London and raised there until school age, when his parents moved back to Nigeria. Robert moved back to the UK in his late teens and has been here since. Roberts got gorgeous dark brown skin.

Together we have five children. Four boys and a little girl. They are typical, loud, naughty(!), clever little beings..and they have the most beautiful features. Big brown eyes, long eyelashes, their dads ears and the most perfect light brown shade of know, the shade us fair skinned girls wish we could have all year instead of having to use fake tan and sit in the sun for hours!
Our eldest three boys have all had conversations about our differing skin colours. Many times we've explained the science behind why they have the colour skin they have...many times we've answered questions on why daddy has dark brown skin, why mummy has pink skin(!) and why they all have light brown skin. And many times we've told our children just how beautiful they are and how they are created in Gods perfect image...their skin colours are not mistakes...their skin colours are nothing to be ashamed of...their skin colours are a particular shade of two people joined together and out of love creating these awesome little creatures! We know our family is no coincidence...God has great plans to use us and our children and our skin colours are all part of that plan! We fully believe that!

We're very blessed that we haven't received too many ignorant or racist comments as a family...there have indeed been moments, especially for our eldest son, who now he's in year 5 at school is an easy target for a child who wants to point out the obvious. But thanks to us being open, and secure in Gods plan of this little Omokaro legacy, our children are confident, can hold their own when it comes to identifying who and what they are, and adore being a part of two cultures. Christmas is an especially favourite time of year in our home to celebrate both cultures traditions. We consider ourselves very lucky :)

This afternoon, for the first time our 3year old son Samuel began a conversation with me about his skin colour. It went something like this:
Sam- "Mummy? You and daddy mixed together makes me light brown. Dark me light brown."
Me- "That's right Sam, and look at your lovely skin colour. It's beautiful!"
Sam- "Yes! We're like paint pots...all different colours. You're a peach one!"

This little innocent chat with my youngest son, where he compared me to a peach paint pot filled me with delight. No negatives, no doubts...just PRE-school understanding of why and how he is... Just perfect :)

My prayer for anyone reading this post is that no matter who you are, what you look like, where you originate from, whatever your social circle...that like my lovely boys (Olivia's a tad young to understand as yet) you would have deep filled confidence...not arrogance...but confidence of who you are. That you are made in an image so much more beautiful than man can ever perceive. That you are are are precious and here for a great purpose.

And if like me that means being a peach paint pot, then bring it on! ;-)

Be Blessed :-)

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