Thursday, 27 December 2012

Heavens Perfect Plans....

As a mum of five rapidly growing children, I have times (like many other parents I'm sure) of wondering what life holds for my babies. I watch them interacting, learning, developing by the day and imagine them as adults...working, married, raising their own children...closer to today I wonder what they will be like as teenagers....which secondary school/s they will go to, if they will drive, how they will do in their exams. Whilst I'm most definitely not wishing the days away - lets face it, they go past pretty quickly by themselves - I do think about the future and how it may or may not look. Having just celebrated a lovely Christmas together my husband and I joked about one day potentially hosting all five of our married children and their children...a mansion will be required.....or a very long dining room at the very least!!!! ;-)

The truth is though, none of us knows what our futures look like. For good or for bad, we can't say from one day to the next what life will spring up on us. I have come to a point in my earthly existence of actually feeling really peaceful about this...only because I choose to put my faith in a God who I know and trust will uphold me and protect me. Even in the more challenging situations, God strengthens me and helps me through.

I pray for this peace over my children every day. I pray their futures would be purely in Gods hands, that they would trust Him to guide their ways. I pray for myself that I wouldn't feel scared for them...that I would humbly and graciously allow them to grow into the young adults God wants them to be...that the natural, earthly, motherly desire to wrap them in cotton wool forever wouldn't manifest into a weird obsession with them but that instead I would continue to know when to lengthen that invisible cord, and when to reign it in.
I look at the five miracles God has given to my husband and I, and I learn so much about how God must love us...that the love I have for my, Gods love for them outweighs it hugely. That He feels the same about me as He does about them....
.....and mainly that He has His Perfect Heavenly Plan in place over each one of them. He is their ultimate parent...I'm just the earthly caretaker whose here to encourage them when they doubt, pick them up and dust them off when life makes them stumble, love and kiss and hug them when no-one else's arms will do...I'm the one God has entrusted to pray for and nurture these little people....but in it all I must believe that He knows best...that without His guidance none of "this" can happen.

So, to my beautiful, beautiful children....I know we are on this journey together. I know that at times I make mistakes, I admit at times I wonder why on earth God felt I am worthy of mothering 5 children every single day...that at times it's overwhelming, that at times we clash...but I'm also delighted in my heart that we are united in our love, that we trust eachother through the tears and laughter, that we have fun, that we are learning about life together...and that I love you all so very very much. Daddy and you mean the world to me. Every day I claim I am blessed, I think of you and smile, I look at your sleeping faces before I go to bed at night and thank God that whilst I want to create lives full of only good for you all, that He knows best...He has your backs....that Heaven has a perfect plan for you!
Love Mummy xxxxx