Thursday, 3 January 2013

Be the right kind of Game Player!

Over the Christmas and new year period, my family and I have spent alot of time having fun together playing games. ...lots of different games...secret Santa, pictionary, UNO, charades, battle ships, bowling, dance games on the wii, FIFA and formula one style games on the X Box, gator golf, a shopping list style game, guess who and lots more UNO!
Christmas is probably the one time of year where all the games get dragged out the cupboard and everyone gets totally competitive! It's all harmless fun and mixed in with all the other Christmassy goings on, it just adds to our family experience and memories.

Today I have cleared Christmas away for another 11 months and asides from relishing having my little home back to normal (sorry Christmas tree, I loved you....but it had to end!) this also meant a little clear out of the toy cupboard and all the games being stacked neatly up on their shelf.

Not long after I had a peek at a social network site I'm a member of and saw a status that really stood out to me. The author of the status was clearly upset and angry after being hurt by someone close to them. Part of the status read "fed up with the game players...those who cause heartache, find it funny to play with people's lives and always want to win, no matter who they hurt!"
This got me thinking back to all the games I'd packed away earlier and how as humans it's absolutely paramount that we understand the only games we should be playing in life are the board/ electronic/ dance/ card varieties and not allowing our real life everyday situations turn into one these.

By this I mean, it's not fair to treat people as though they are a piece in a's not fair to want to be the one to pass the finish line first without any thought or compassion for what you may be doing to others along the way. It's vital to remind ourselves that life is not a game...there's no roll of the dice to determine your next move...there's no move back one step or miss a turn when life steps it up a gear and things get testing....there most definitely isn't a winner or loser at the end of it all.

I've often heard the phrase "it's the game of life" used to describe our existence...but I disagree. Life is an adventure, a journey..and yes, whilst it seems some have it easier than others, some have much more whilst others have far less, that some don't care, whilst others are full of hurt and compassion...for each of us life is a to be nurtured, one to be fought against when the battle hardens, one to be cherished with those around us. Comparing your situation to another's, is like playing monopoly and hating the person who gets Park Lane because it pays out more....pointless at the end of the experience of monopoly and life is to build up the little you have and watch as slowly it grows and brings you blessings beyond your wildest beliefs!

How we live our everydays is a testimony to those around us. The words we speak, the actions we show others, the decisions we make...they all have an effect on the people closest to us. Just as that roll of the dice can decide the winner in snakes and ladders, our motives and choices have an effect on who we're doing life with at that moment in time.
BUT remember...whilst snakes and ladders can be packed up and put back on that toy cupboard shelf...people can't. People hurt...people break....people hide away....people need love, tenderness, compassion, grace, friendship. People are not playing pieces...and this includes you...and me!

So, today my friend...I encourage you to consider the game player you want to who lives life forever barging past people, not caring, missing out on the simple delights, always wanting to be the best, the winner, the one who passes GO or the FINISH line first....or one who knows to keep being a game player to those times when the board games come out the cupboard or the wii gets switched on. A person who chooses to live life calling it what it is....LIFE....A GIFT! 
Considering the people you encounter, the opportunities that come your way EVERY second of every day....because they do...they really do.
I know which one I want to continue to strive to be.

Be Blessed :-)

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