Friday, 1 February 2013

Blessings of a food poisoning kind!

So I haven't been very well this week thanks to a very unexpected, very inconvenient and very painful and grim experience that is food poisoning.
It has literally floored me, seeing me not able to do virtually anything except sleep, sip water or other rehydration meds and um...well get more sleep to be honest!

I hate it when I'm out of action, have to rely on others (whilst I know it's good to let other help you, I much prefer being the one doing the helping) and lose precious moments of life.
But through it all, we have to stay positive right, and count our blessings...and so this week, these have been some of mine (I'm sure there is probably more) far....

1. My eldest son every morning making breakfast for his brothers and sister...he wasn't asked to and it wasn't expected, but every day this lovely young man, aged only 10 has taken it on himself to get showered and ready for school and come downstairs and prepare bowls of cereal and mountains of little hero!

2. My husband, who despite working 10 hour night shifts has gotten up every morning to take the brood to school and nursery, nursed me and grabbed sleep here and there before picking them all up, sorting them all out and then going back off to work...and then doing it all over big hero!

3. My friends and parents who have sent lovely messages, and showered me with get well prayers...thank you!

4. Two particular friends who have helped by taking Livvy (our active 18 month old fairy princess) all day so I can sleep and rest you and am so grateful!

5. My youngest sons nursery for keeping him extra hours, no quibbles, no extra cost...just wanting to help us out and see me get well...beautiful team of ladies!

6. My bed...blankets...comfy home! It's so easy to forget how blessed we are to have a warm, clean, beautiful little home to cosy up in. When I'm poorly especially, God reminds me that this is one of my favourite places...I am so thankful for my house!

7. Free medical care...yes okay, the NHS may have its issues, but we are so lucky to have the services of great doctors and medical professionals within quick, easy reach...grateful!

8. Clean water. We forget that many many people in this even...struggle to get water. I turn on my tap, there it is...thankful!

9. My ever loving and comforting God. I could be cross with him that I've been poorly this week, especially with what caused it, but I'm not...I know He's protected me from it being far worse than it has, He's surrounded me with all the above blessings that have made my week much easier than it would have been without them, and He is helping my body fight off the illness....I also know that He has wanted me to rest, be blessed and for reasons I may never know...not be out and about crazy this week, but instead be safe at home.

It's so easy to forget the simple, everyday blessings...but they're all around us, we just have to choose to keep our eyes open, our minds at peace and to be focused on the good even when things feel tough.
Even with feeling so physically weak and poorly this week, I have seen God at work in our family life hugely. We have had answers to prayer that we weren't expecting at this time- positive news which we've been claiming, standing firm in prayer in, despite the distraction of me falling ill. We have kept our eyes fixed on the one who gives life and gives it in abundance....satan will always come prowling with his lies, distractions, silly plans...but when we know where our Hope lies, we can overcome anything....and in my case this week, it's a nasty bout of food poisoning!

Omokaros with God by their side - 1
satan - 0

Whatever your circumstance, I encourage you to see your blessings...focus on the good in the hard times, feel the calm in the storm, experience the peace amongst the chaos, trust in the faithful promises amongst the lies! They're there...just keep your eyes fixed in the right direction and you'll see them!

Be Blessed :-)

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