Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What we deserve...

Husband and I watched a great film the other evening called The Perks of being a Wallflower! It's a coming of age type of film following the journey of Charlie, a loner who has been through some "stuff."
It's an absolute brilliant film and I highly recommend it to anyone...once the credits rolled hubby and I found ourselves deep in emotional conversation about how the film had touched us and shared how situations in our past had made us feel.

One line that stood out to me in particular from the film was during a brief conversation between Charlie and his English teacher...Charlie asked why good people stay in bad relationships, and his teacher answered: "Because we tend to accept the love we feel we deserve!"


What do you think?
When was the last time you settled for that so called good friend putting you down or making you feel worthless in order that they would "shine"
When was the last time you allowed someone make you feel second best?
When was the last time you accepted being ignored...gossiped about...pushed out...humiliated...made to cry....felt lonely....wondered who really loved you?

Personally, I know I'm friends, by my husband, my children and other family members...but I also know that whether they mean to or not these people can, will and do let me down at times. And I know I let them down too.

The truth is as humans we will always hurt others...because we live in a world of hurt...we can't eradicate it, ribbon it up or ignore's there, it's happens everyday for many of us.

But, we can rest in knowing that there is someone who loves us unconditionally...who won't ever let us down...who doesn't want us to feel sad, scared, lonely, used, abused, gossiped about and useless.
Jesus came to earth with one build that gap that man created himself with God. When we really didn't deserve it, Jesus died so that we could experience a love that never ends, never fails and sees us for who we are in Him.

I believe many people find it hard to connect with God through fear of not understanding true love. They feel they don't deserve good things in their life...they feel if people knew the real them, they would turn away in disgust....the truth is God made us all in His image, loves each one of us uniquely and deeply and wants us to experience His goodness...and through Jesus this is possible.

As we continue in our week leading up to Easter....I encourage you to think about the love you have been accepting in your life. I challenge you to think about what the love you give out looks like, and I share with you the good news that Jesus died and rose that we could experience life and love in all its true goodness.

Don't just accept the love you feel you deserve. Claim the love you know you deserve, and share it out, blessing others and ultimately yourself.

Be Blessed :-)

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  1. Oh that film! I love it so much. That line also really touched me!


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