Saturday, 29 June 2013

In-between {5 minute Friday}

Arghhhhh, so this is my first time at taking a stab at the 5 minute Friday writing frenzy!
Tad nervous but ready for the goes!

In-between! I think I, and you reader, are constantly living in the in-between.
In-between dress sizes, in-between meals, in-between school drop off and pick up, in-between jobs, in-between appointments at the hospital for that next transfusion, in-between friendships, in-between with the children...when they're not yet a teenager, but no longer a baby, in-between moments of pure joy in our marriages and moments of staleness, in-between church

The in-between stage really used to bug me to be honest. I admit patience has never much been my gifting....when I want something, whether that's done or bought or cleaned or erased, I want it done time for delaying, no time for the in-between....
Until now! This season of life sees us selling our current home and buying a new's a lonnnnnng process, not one that can be completed in the click of my fingers, not a process I can speed up....a process that has many in-between stages. Usually I would be tearing my hair out waiting, stressing over the "what-ifs" and "not yet done," but I made a decision from the start to trust God, to seek His wisdom, patience and gratitude each day and focus on what He can teach me in the in-between.
Because He can teach us much in the in-between stages. If only we could shift our perspective and stand rooted in what Joshua 1:9 tells us about God being with us at all times. He stands before us in every circumstance. He never leaves us. He never wastes the in-between times.

Love, Peace, Patience, Gratitude, Faithfulness, Friendship, Hope, Joy, Answer to prayer....these are all the things I've experienced so far in this particular in-between stage. Had my perspective and focus been self absorbed, I think I would have missed out on good lets embrace the in-between stages....even when they feel hairy scary! Because God never starts something He doesn't have plans to finish...God does the in-between stage well, and we can too when we know the outcome is in His hands :-)

Be Blessed x


  1. When we think of always being in between, we miss out on the journey in the middle! You are so right that God can and does speak to us if we slow down enough in between all these activities. See these times as the journey, not always striving to run to the next big thing, missing out on what is in between these milestones. It's there that God can teach us if we only slow down and listen. Great post!

    The Howell Blessings

  2. You had nothing to fear, great post. I found it really encouraging - 'He never wastes the inbetweens' 'God never starts something he hasn't plans to finish' So encouraging, please keep writing. Xx


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