Friday, 5 July 2013

Beautiful {5 minute Friday}

It's Friday...and my second week of having the courage to attempt a five minute Friday through the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker.
The rules...five minutes of unedited it up....encourage the person who linked up before you and hey're done!
So...five minutes...the theme is goes:

She longed for beautiful from a young age;
Perfect hair, flawless skin, body older than her tender years.

She sought affection and the "you are beautiful" from all the wrong people;
Compromised her happiness and purity to find false acceptance.

She wore make-up heavy, daring clothes, the pretence of fake beauty to hide the truth;
Eating disorder, cigarettes and cheap alcohol...numbing and damaging.

Until that day...the day darkness was over-ruled by the light;
The day the One and Only Beautiful entered her life.

Stripped bare of all false-ness, introduced to her saviour at the tender age of 16;
Biblical truth detailing her true beauty.

A life changed...a life worth living, celebrating...a beautiful so real;
She....she was me! And today, years further in... I know the truth.

I am beautiful...I am!
Not because of what I wear;
Not because of what people say;
Not because of what I do...
But because of Him...beautiful Jesus....who lives in me!
My God, My healer, My deliverer, My refuge.

Eternally humbled, eternally grateful, eternally beautiful <3 br="">


  1. Your post about beauty was truly beautiful. ;) Thank you; I loved it!
    Every line perfect. I can write in that style, but it takes me a lot longer than five minutes..
    Hopefully I'll see more of what you write in future Five Minute Fridays. You blessed my day.



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