Friday, 19 July 2013

Belong {5 minute Friday}

It's Friday, which means it's the day to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for this weeks five minute Friday. The rules are five minutes of un-edited writing relating to this weeks theme - Belong....and to write a message of encouragement to the person who linked up before me.
Sound easy? Hmmmm, more of a challenge really, but one I'm ready to take again! So here goes...

Belong: To fit into a group naturally; to be properly or suitably placed.

For along time, I so wanted to belong.
Quietly watching...them....all with their talents, their 2.4 children, happy bank accounts and cars that proved it. Perfect little lives where they picked carefully who they allowed in their circles.

"Not good enough...they look down on just don't belong Stacey" the thoughts raged through my mind.

Trying so hard to be like them, at times I felt like a duck franctically kicking its feet under water.

Then...then an encounter with Him...truth over lies...present over perfect...realising my worth was placed in much higher places...understanding that the real me did belong....exactly where He placed me. Not in a place where I had to apologise for being in a mixed race marriage, feel ashamed of being a mummy of five beautiful children, feel insecure that my size 16 body didn't match their ideas of perfect, worry that my humble home and practical car weren't enough.
But instead a place of peace. A place of kindness, love, true friendship, compassion, wisdom and acceptance.

Because the truth...the deep, deep truth is this....if you have to work hard at trying to belong, then my're not in the right place. To belong, is to, as online tells us; to fit into a group naturally. No hiding, no trying, just being....that's what it feels to belong.

I'm so grateful God met with me at a new level during the 2012 women's REAL conference at our home church. This is where my encounter took place...and my life hasn't been the same since. It's been better on so many levels, and breakthrough in many areas has happened for our family, in my ministry life and especially in my friendships.

I've realised no-one has a perfect life, whatever car they drive or number of children they have. That my thoughts weren't necessarily in line with how others felt about me, that perhaps my thinkings spoke more about my insecurities as opposed to what people thought and how their lives really were.
But, I've also understood that us humans are a race continually striving to be better...appear perfect...belong in the crowd, at whatever cost. But I don't want that...I became tired of that a long time ago, and today I embrace knowing that with my Jesus by my side, I do belong...and I always have!

Be Blessed :-)


  1. I loved that you said= if you have to work hard at trying to be belong, your not in the right place.

    Oh that is just so beautiful. This post was just what I needed. Thank you. Precious.

    Ashley from

    1. I agree with Ashley! (And didn't I just visit your space, Ashley!? I love how large, yet small this community is!)

      'if you have to work hard at trying to belong, then my're not in the right place.' Perfectly stated. We've all been in these situations and know how tiresome they are. Sometimes it's God Himself that puts us there- revealing something about ourselves that He wants to redeem. It's hard, but it's that hard stuff that brings us out as Gold- reflecting His face and grace. Thanks for visiting my space today, Stacey! Was blessed by your post, and Ashley's as well!

  2. Girls, thank you SO much for your comments and encouragements. I needed this theme today as a reminder of all God is doing in my life, and am so blessed to be a part of an awesome community of writers sharing their hearts too. Your comments and personal posts have truly blessed me today! Thank you! Look forward to keeping in touch and encouraging each other more :-) xx

  3. AMEN! How we all struggle with the desire to "belong".

    Here via 5 Minute Friday!

  4. If only we would learn this lesson when we are young. We wouldn't struggle so much to fit in. God made us each unique. We only need to belong to Him, then we fit in with ALL His kids!


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