Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weeping willow...

Weeping willow, I hear your tears;
Weeping willow, I understand your fears.

Weeping willow, your grief is so raw;
Weeping willow, you question, what has it all been for?

Weeping willow, I see hurt in your eyes, but;
Weeping willow, I promise, tomorrow, the sun shall rise.

Weeping willow, this here season, feels so tough, yet;
Weeping willow, I want to encourage you of an unconditional love.

Weeping willow, He can be your comfort and strength;
Weeping willow, to ensure that, He went to a great length;
He knows your destiny, it's in His hands;
Oh, weeping willow, My prayer for you, is you would see His footprints in the sands.

Weeping willow, this time, here and now, it too shall pass;
A life spent with Him in eternity, that too shall last.

Weeping willow, raise your tired, weary head;
Weeping willow, embrace a peace so calming, you feel able instead.

Lord Jesus, we seek you;
We keep you at the forefront of our pain;
I thank you with all my heart and soul;
That you died for us, but not in vain.

You comfort, you strengthen, you ease our tear;
Envelop my dear weeping willow friend;
Make your presence continually felt near.

Weeping willow, I tell you, your burden can be light;
For the battle is won, Jeus took up that fight.

We love you, weeping willow, But He loves you more;
Stop being so frightened, take that step now, and open the door.

Lord Jesus, we thank you, we choose to stand tall;
For this time here and won't let weeping willow fall!

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