Friday, 9 August 2013

Lonely {5 minute Friday}

Today, I once again take the plunge and link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for 5 minute Friday.
An opportunity to write unedited for five minutes on a theme for the week. This weeks theme is Lonely... okay here goes!

When I saw the prompt title for this week, the first thoughts to go through my mind were those of trying to think of times I've felt be honest this thinking led to me feeling abit confused, and so I decided to look up the full dictionary meaning of the word...this is what says... Lonely: Without companions; Unhappy as a result of being without companionship.

I felt confused because I'm married to a wonderful guy, have a very busy house with five beautiful children filling the air with melodies of squabbles, laughter, questions galore and play a plenty, I serve in ministry with a great church family, have loving parents who we see regularly, I have a huge number of acquaintances who help to make life interesting and am blessed with the sweetest circle of close friends who I love as sisters - we make the utmost effort to share life together ~ days with our babes in parks, evenings sharing tales of family life over a chilled glass of vino....or in pjs with tea and toast...whatever the occasion or setting, I have many companions in my life...

Today I realised I have often felt lonely!

I had a little cry if I'm fully honest. I cried because it dawned on me, the times I've felt lonely, are the times when I have distanced my heart and mind from God. I cried because in that instance I felt a conviction of having let circumstance overwhelm me and feeling lonely because no matter how good and honest and willing a persons actions are to help us, the truth is only the peace of God can fill the hole of companionship in messy, upsetting circumstance.
I never feel lonely in happy, easy, fun times....I feel lonely when the going gets tough and life feels daunting. God never shifts His presence, focus and love in either times...but us humans...well we do, don't we...maybe not all the time...but certainly a hefty percentage of the time. We question, we doubt, we pull away from people, and usually, lastly, we try so hard to cling on to biblical truths we've learnt over the years...but really all we need to do is first look up to our Heavenly Father...our eternal companion and rest in His friendship...His love...His promises of Goodness, Fulfillment, Hope, and know that He's always with us...

I want to hold onto this little revelation every second of every day...I want others to know the truth that life needn't feel lonely - and that lonely doesn't just mean a lack of human relationships...that lonely runs so much deeper into our souls...that lonely is, in my lightbulb moment 'a distance from God' It's the absence of His beautiful presence....a presence that can take you into a crowded room of strangers and be your confidence, a presence that can carry you through poor health, financial difficulties, trials of parenthood, marriage problems, and career struggles with a determination of hope, dignity, strength and positivity. 

I'm so grateful for eternal companion....I need not feel lonely!


  1. Such beautiful words here, bless you.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Sending you love and prayers Denise.

  3. This is incredible Stacey! So profound and so true...

  4. Thank you lovely...really appreciate your encouragement!
    Bless you xxx

  5. We are always searching for others to make us not feel lonely and others are looking for the same. Only Christ can fill that void, that ache of wishing someone could really know us and care at all times. No human can, or is willing to be that for us. And even on those rare occasions that you find that gem of a friend, there will always be times when they cannot. If we could just realize that only He can fill that void, we would turn to Him first. Teach us all Lord, teach us all.


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