Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Today I recognised....

Today I recognised something about myself.
Today I recognised that I have in fact spent way too many days of my life feeling insecure about myself.
Today I recognised that despite being confident in my abilities in ministry, as a mother, wife, friend and daughter...that when all those attributes are stripped away and it comes to me...just me...that for too long I haven't really embraced what's left.

Today I recognised that in too many moments I have allowed that little nagging voice to stop me from experiencing new things...friendships...hobbies...ministry opportunities.
Today I recognised that I have grieved mistakes from my past, and carried them for too long.
Today I recognised that I have at many a times let that little nagging voice whisper to me what I believe others think...not taken time to find out for myself or think the best of people...but instead tell myself that they must think bad of me for this reason or that...

Today I recognised that when I step out in Faith and with a sense of Godly boldness, I quieten that little nagging voice and live out Truth in all its Glory.
Today I had a lovely afternoon with a girlie I have wanted to have a cuppa with for a while...but had been too nervous to ask because "why would she want to spend time with me?"
Today as we chatted and shared tales of motherhood, dreams and dado rails (yes really!), I recognised that I don't want to be held back in invisible chains in any area of my life...I recognised afresh, the sacrifice Jesus made all those years ago, to ensure I didn't waste this gift He has given me...that I would stand tall in His Love and Grace over me...and know deep in my heart that they are enough to sail me through each day....whoever and whatever I face.

Today I recognised, I am enough....

Today was a good day! :-)

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