Monday, 14 October 2013

Domesticating God...?

A post or two ago, I shared that I have committed myself to reading through the old testament. I'm pleased to say I have continued on my plight and have just finished reading the book of Leviticus (the third book of Moses) And what a great read it has been.
Whilst some of the rituals and sacrifices spoken of are a little strange to comprehend in my modern day life, I was able to see beyond those and understand the message of Jesus's ultimate sacrifice for us and the instructions of how we should conduct ourselves - from hygiene and moral conduct, to protecting the environment...the pearls of wisdom are genius!

One thing that really stood out to me though, was the number of times "God spoke to...." was written. I think it stood out because recently in another area, I've been challenged on how often we speak, but how little we listen at ourselves, to others, but mainly to God.
Leviticus reminded me God LOVES to speak and when He does, it's because He knows what He's talking about-no wishy washy conversation from this fella I can tell you!
In fact, alongside reading the book of Leviticus and living life-and seeing glimpses of other peoples lives I've come to the conclusion that all too often, we say we love God, we say we know God, but regularly we drown out His commands and plans for us. We DON'T want to be told what to do deep down do we?
As we can with other aspects of life, we insist on domesticating God. We try to tame Him and figure out ways to harness God to our projects. All too often we try to reduce God to a size that conveniently fits our plans, ambitions and tastes....

BUT...because my friend, there is always a but...He doesn't settle for that. In fact another old testament verse springs to mind at this point from Isaiah 55, verse 9: "As the heavens are higher than the earth; so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." {NIV}
The truth is God can't fit into our plans-it's not how He's designed to be-we MUST fit into His-whether we like it or not! We can't use God-He's not a tool or appliance that should meet our every practical's so much more than that. Because the core of living is God, and God is a Holy God, we require much teaching for living in response to God as He is-not as we want Him to be. And the book of Leviticus begins that journey-as we read of ancestors travelling from Eygpt to settle in Canaan-a place where they would be tempted and met by many things that would meet that carnal desire of having what we want when we want it-we see how God is present in every detail of our lives-as He was then too. As He provided a way throughout the book of Leviticus, He provides a way today...

It's a challenge for us all isn't recognise the times we humble ourselves to God-the God we say we love and rely on, and the times we (usually unwittingly) try to domesticate Him to fit in with what we want!
I know there are circumstances in our family life where we want breakthrough-the type of breakthrough that is sweet, brings healing and makes life easier...but today I choose to humble myself to trusting, really fully trusting that Gods plan IS best-that I won't just believe it for others, but for my family unit too, that I will shout it out in worship, seal it in my heart and not spend my days complaining and stressing...just resting...resting in knowing that the same God who delivered Isaac from being sacrificed, the same God who brought the Israelites to the Promise land-is the same God who has filled my life with much much goodness...and He doesn't have plans to stop now! The same is true for your life too.
The nature of our Holy God is to bring a Holy joy and a Holy promise...that nothing can break in us when we understand our position with Him. God doesn't reside in a far away land, He makes His habitation in us and among us as believers and says "I am Holy; you be Holy!" Once we grasp this, only then do we appreciate how much He cares! Because He does, He really truly does!

Be Blessed :-)

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