Friday, 4 October 2013

Write {5 minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday~ Once again, I'm stepping out of the that zone called comfort to link up with the fab Lisa-Jo Baker at to par-take in the frenzy that is 5 minute Friday.
It's a simple little event really...5 minutes of unedited quick thinking writing related to this weeks prompt, then link it up on Lisa-Jo's page and encourage the person who linked up before you (although I always end up reading many many more posts!) So...this weeks theme is WRITE....


I like to read and write...actually scrap that...I LOVE to read and write.
From that first moment as a pre-schooler when I learnt to hold a pencil and scribble my name, a passion was formed. English was always my favourite subject at school - the area I excelled in, always gaining an A* no matter what else was going on in life. As a young child I would play schools in my bedroom-my poor sister was usually the long suffering "pupil" but I'd happily inflict my bossiness on dolls and teddies too.
As an adult, 2 weeks after becoming a mummy for the second time I enrolled to study a BA Hons in English Literature and Language degree and three years later, now a mummy of three with number four on the way, graduated with a 2:1...why? Because I LOVE to read and write.
The knowledge that is gained from exploring books...the lessons that are shared and learnt...the worlds to be explored...the characters to meet...the unconditional love of my Saviour ready to be absorbed through words so loving....
And endless exciting things we can write! Letters to loved ones who live far away... birthday cards....lists (oh how I love lists)... messages of hellos and little friendly encouragements when times feel tough... and for me, this humble little blog...a space for me to zone out and be who God has called me to shame...just me and my heart felt thoughts and ramblings...a safe place where I can write.

I truly believe that music and written word has helped me get through some really tough trials in life. At the times when I've felt lonely, scared and anxious, I've been able to, through listening to a favourite song-whether that be worship or a blast of Bon Jovi and then reading some inspirational scriptures or encouragements that others took the time to write or indeed sitting and writing myself, gain a fresh perspective on my circumstance. It really all is a natural healer at times of angst.
I feel so blessed at this gift....

Why not take the time to write something today...whether it be a little list or an encouragement to a friend...or perhaps a brave blast at 5 minute Friday...why not open your mind to trying something new and seeing what world it opens up for you...
Be Blessed :-)



  1. Dear Stacey,
    Wow by reading your post I saw that both you and I have a lot in common. Literature and English were my favourite subjects in school. I would play school too and usually use my nephew,niece and my stuffed toys and dolls as my pupils. Music and writing have helped me in very difficult times of my life. This is such a great way to connect with each other and encourage one another. Let us keep on pressing forward! Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  2. Well hello! Stopping by from FMF, I linked up after you :-) I love LOVE to read too and I know what you mean about writing being healing. Definitely relate to that! Hope to see you soon Mrs, will whip out the Bon Jovi ;-) Lots of love xx

  3. natashlim73...thank you so much for your encouragement-and see, I told you we are alike in so many ways! So fab to be connected with you, would love to stay in touch and will definitely continue reading your lovely posts! xxx

  4. Mrs.P...that is hilarious you linked up after me! Haha, love it!
    And you are most definitely on about a blast of Bon Jovi...I think the little ones will LOVE it...or hide in terror! Either way, I'm up for full volume, wooden spoon mics and abit of rock! Love you...keep writing girlie...the healing is amazing xxx


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