Friday, 1 November 2013

Grace {5 minute Friday}

I've been out of action for a couple of weeks due to an unexpected operation, but today, feeling very rested I've made the decision to par-take in 5 minute Friday hosted by the fab
The rules are you write unedited for five minutes only on the given theme, link your post up and comment on the persons post who linked up before you. Simples....which is what we love in life :-) the theme this week is GOES!

I love to sing. I especially love to sing songs of praise and worship. One of my favourite songs is Chris Tomlin's version of the classic 'Amazing Grace.' I especially love the chorus, which I feel sums up my life since choosing Jesus ..."My chains are gone, I've been set free; 
                                    My God, My Saviour has ransomed me. 
                                    And like a flood His Mercy Reigns;
                                    Unending Love...Amazing Grace!"
This song has the ability to get this well built girl on her knees in tears. Tears of letting go of regrets, tears of humbling myself to the goodness of something far better than I can ever be, tears of gratitude to the One who knows me...really really knows me and yet chooses me and loves me unconditionally day in, day out.

His unconditional love, His promises to take us from where we where we where we are going, His comfort in times of turmoil, His provision from the unlikeliest source, His miraculous - life changing ways, His Forgiveness - over and over again, His Patience, His son - His Jesus....My Jesus.....Your Jesus? Mocked, tortured, spat on, deserted, crucified - that right there....that my friends is GRACE! 
Who are we to think that we deserve anything from this life?
Who are we to demand what we think we should have?
Who are we to ignore what one man did all those years ago so that we could live in a freedom that the world doesn't offer?
I don't have all the answers, I don't write to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but I know what GRACE looks like in this life. This life that I abused in my teenage years. This life that has been radically transformed and continues to soar into a plan so perfect it makes me gasp to catch my breathe when I really think about it.

I pray you would know what GRACE looks like in your life today, that you would gain a fresh understanding of the love that is being poured over you from a place no human can ever match. It's incredible...and it's free for each one of us.."My chains are gone, I've been set free;
                                                                     My God, My Saviour has ransomed me.
                                                                     And like a flood, His Mercy Reigns;
                                                                     Unending Love...Amazing Grace!" 

Be Blessed :-)

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  1. Hi - I'm a FMF friend right behind you! Yes! You nailed it. Love the transparency - the invitation - the music -- and Him. Thank you for so powerfully pointing us to Him.


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