Sunday, 3 November 2013

When a challenge...shouldn't be a challenge!

I saw something on a social media site today that has had me thinking for the last few hours.
It was a post stating how we are to be vulnerable and real with people-and how this is such a huge challenge...
If I'm honest, as soon as I read it, I kind of disagreed- to stress-not with the being vulnerable and real segment of the sentence, but the last part...the part that says this is a huge challenge in day to day life.
I it...? Please reader, enlighten me with your thoughts on this.
Is it so hard to just be ourselves?

Of course I remember plenty a time,  I've perhaps walked into a room and felt a tad insecure through not knowing many people, or wondering what conversation is going to be had with the people I don't necessarily have much in common with, or I've had that one final check in my car rear view mirror to make sure the lip gloss is in place and the eye-liner meets a certain shade of .. um .. dark! I find it hard to be me, to be honest about where I'm at in life, how my day is going, what my views are on the latest topic? No, I don't think I do.
And if I'm fully honest, I struggle to see why others would...

Reading this, maybe you're thinking "well that's all good and well for you Stacey, but you don't know what I'm like, you haven't lived through what I've been through and felt my're not me and if you were you wouldn't be real either..."
Can I reassure you now, that I have lived through my own fair share of crap. I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I certainly have elements of a past that would make some people tut in disgust, keep me at the height of their morning gossip over a cuppa and question who the hell I think I am writing about the things I do...but I found this earlier...

Real... its definition according to is this
"...Genuine and authentic; not artificial or spurious"
"...Relating to actual existence"

...and it made me feel whole. Knowing the meaning of a word can do that you know. Because those definitions right there, well they're us reader...if we're honest and vulnerable and not ashamed to be ourselves, these definitions can carry us through our days confident that we're doing it right. Because I don't want to be artificial, I don't want to live a life fuelled by meeting the expectations of people who may, may just have elements of a past as messy as mine.
I want the people in my world to know, deep in their hearts that in me, they will find a genuine and authentic girl-who actually does exist...not an imaginary thing that I've spent hours thinking up.

I know it's difficult sometimes. I honestly honestly know it's difficult sometimes. And I don't take for granted that my confidence rests in knowing that I was created by a God who loves me so much. But to put it bluntly, so where you! If the One who genuinely hates all sin can unconditionally love us, comfort us and bring good things our way despite our mess ups, despite knowing the very real parts of our characters and DNA, why should we struggle with who we are?

I hope you get my point here, and I really hope this doesn't sound so matter of fact, that it reads as heartless. Because that is not my intention or belief. I'm just so frustrated right now though with people thinking they are on a lower level than someone else...that there are people out here who take the higher ground-when quite frankly, they have no right too. Please please don't find being real and vulnerable a challenge...please don't. Because vulnerability can be beautiful...realness heals lives, brings light into the darkest situations.

Jesus had to be vulnerable in order to fulfill the plans of God....Jesus was real every single step of His journey....that's the truth....and the truth will set you free!

Bless you! You were created in an image so stunning, don't waste the miracle you are by thinking any less!


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