Friday, 18 April 2014

Glue {5 minute Friday}

This week I chose to once again Link up with Lisa-Jo baker at for Five minute Friday. The writing craze where we are given a writing prompt and for five minutes we put together whatever rumblings come into our minds - unedited, not much thought...just plain, simple, honest writings.
This weeks prompt is GLUE - here goes:
As I sat in the queue of traffic, my heart sank as I watched the glass of my drivers wing mirror on my car slide down ready to hit the ground and shatter into tiny pieces. I slid down my window and grabbed it quick.
"This is the fourth time this piece of glass has come unstuck," I told my uninterested children. "The glue behind it isn't coping with the bad weather we've had clearly; I need to get a stronger one."
And I meant to - for two weeks I meant to take my busy backside into a certain store to buy a type of glue I knew would do the trick of keeping that piece of important glass where it needed to firmly stay in place.

It was frustrating and at times difficult driving around without my wing mirror in use. I rely on my side mirrors when driving quite a lot and the experience just wasn't the same for me without it. I felt a little vulnerable when using dual carriageways and motorways..and my love of reverse parking was hindered somewhat seeing as my neck only turns so far. I realised how much we take even the smallest things for granted, and vowed to buy the glue.

I eventually did manage to purchase some and it was such a relief to stick the glass back onto its hard plastic and sit behind the wheel of my car and easily see all the views I needed to.
Driving around since, once again feels safe and the car feels complete to handle.

This all may sound quite trivial, but the experience made me really think about how when one thing in our life becomes unstuck, it can have a profound effect on how we function and how easy life feels. Just like that piece of glass required a strong adhesive to put it back in place; I know for me Jesus is the glue in my life.
Without Him, I feel lonely, I find it harder to live a peaceful existence - and I don't mean the noise level around me - I mean deep rooted inner peace, a calmness and capability to live each day with my head held high. No maneuver feels tricky, no stretch of road ahead of me feels daunting.
I am the mirror; my life is the plastic and Jesus is the glue - when each piece fits together we make a great team!

What's the glue in your life?
Be blessed :)


  1. And the view in the rearview mirror shows you how Jesus held you together through the tough turns in life.

  2. Love the analogy... and Kim's comment too. Thank you, Jesus, for holding us together!

    Visiting from FMF. Have a blessed weekend!


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