Monday, 30 June 2014

The "right" girl for the job!

Hebrews 11:31
"By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient."

As I've walked through life and ministry over the years, I, myself have sometimes felt an injustice at opportunities I felt would be great for me, being given to someone else. I've also experienced fear of not being good enough when certain opportunities have been entrusted into my hands. 
It's so easy to look both at our own flaws and mess-ups and to size up others based on theirs. 
I've been taking a long, slow journey through the old testament over these past few months and have been intrigued with the example of Rahab in the book of Joshua. I shared some thoughts with my small group girls last week, and still the tale of this woman overlooked by many plays in my mind. 

I've been asking myself "what is it about Rahab that I'm relating to and what is it I'm meant to be grasping from her situation and how God used her?"
Well, I think I may have an answer...

Rahab was a lady who stood out in her community for all the wrong reasons. She was an inn-keeper who also serviced men for money - a prostitute and in some descriptions I've read of her - a harlot (personally I don't like that word, but it does help build a picture of how society looked upon her!)
To give you a small background on the time Rahab was living in, The Jews had finally entered the Promised Land of Canaan after wandering around for 40 years in the desert. Moses had died and they were now being led by Joshua - a mighty warrior, leading an army obeying his orders from God. Joshua had secretly sent two spies to scout out the city of Jericho.
Rahab ran an inn built on the Jericho city wall where she hid the spies on her roof top. When the king of Jericho learned the men had been to Rahab's house, he sent orders for her to hand them over. She lied to the king's soldiers concerning the whereabouts of the spies, and sent them off in the opposite direction.
Then she went up to the spies and pleaded for her life and for the lives of her family members. She made an oath with them. Rahab would keep silent about their mission and the Israelites would spare everyone in her household when they invaded the city. She was to hang a scarlet cord from her window as a sign, so the Jews could find and protect her.
In the battle of Jericho, the invincible city did fall. Joshua gave orders to rescue Rahab and all in her house. She and her family were then adopted by the Jews and stayed with them - meaning, Jesus was therefore a descendant of Rahab - cool huh?
Whilst society and possibly even Rahab herself would never think she was good for such an important role, God saw past all her short-comings and saw only her potential. He knew the right girl for the job, even if she or the people around didn't....and thankfully for Rahab, Joshua trusted fully in Gods plan and thankfully for Joshua and his army - Rahab did too.
Too often, we are quick to scrutinise our own abilities and worth, which can then lead us, through insecurity and envy, scrutinising other peoples. 
Why do so many people find it easy to grieve with others; yet struggle to celebrate peoples good fortune? Why do we feel the need to rip apart our own lives and the potential we have, when we hear "she" got the "job?" 
The truth is, none of us fully know anyone else's hearts and minds. I'm not even sure if we truly know our own to be honest. But God does. God knows the desires that lie within us, He knows the roles we will and do excel in and the ones that would be better in the hands of another. If only we could keep our eyes fixed on Him and trust in His provision in all areas of our lives, much easier everyday life would be!
It's so easy for us, from the inside of our being - through loneliness, regret, sadness...despair, to look at another's outside and see only perfection, beauty, Godliness and favour...but the truth is God sees all those beautiful things in us - because He has placed all those positive attributes in us, He has sculpted us in His image and His plan, and His world is big enough to use everyone of us in the same way He used Rahab. 
If God only needed one daughter to fulfill what He wants to achieve on earth, well the world would be a pretty empty place my friend. 
It's time, we recognise and grasp that it's no coincidence we are here. 
It's time, we believe that our flaws, our mess-ups, our "not so perfect" pasts are not bigger than the One who created us and we are "the right girl for the job!" It's more about asking for His direction and wisdom in finding that right role, than believing the lie that we are not good for anything.
Rahab may have believed the lie she was only good enough to service men her entire life; but God had a better path for her to take...a path which changed and moulded an entire history ahead of her. Because when we take the opportunity He has given us and use it correctly, we move into the next dimension.
It's amazing - and it's readily available for each of us. 
My prayer is, that you and I, we would continue to have the boldness to celebrate others and the faithfulness to know that we are here because we too are worthy, we have potential and we do make a difference! His Will; Our Potential and purpose - all in the opportunity, that lies within us!
Be Blessed xx

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