Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reflections, Aspirations and Birthay cake!

It has been a while dear blog. Over the past couple of months I've had so much I could have potentially wrote about; yet no words to articulate it all on here.
But today's my birthday and I kinda feel it's only right to share a few thoughts on this special day. Because no matter what, our birthday should always be a special day. It's the day we were chosen to make our presence on earth known, quite a significant event I would say!

This year has been abit of a weird one for me. It has been a year of me having to really really really deal with my past - my teenage years to be precise. Therefore, it has been a year of tears...many tears. It has been a year of receiving deep counsel from trusted sources, it has been a year that has stretched my marriage almost to the limit, it has been a year of a couple of friendships parting ways...a couple of old friendships being brought back to life and a few new friendships being formed. It has been a year of amazing answers to prayer that have made family life easier and so blessed. It has ultimately been a year of tremendous growth for me in so many ways.

And through it all, I have chosen to thank God. Because healing has come. Forgiveness has been granted. Relationships are soaring. I know my purpose, I have clear direction, I feel whole for the first time in my life. I feel accepted, I feel truly loved, I feel worthy of the good things in store, I have an assurance God IS GOING TO USE all my heartache and "messy stuff" to change the lives of others in time.

And on this special day....my 33rd birthday....I am so grateful! Amongst the beautiful presents and cards and messages from my lovely family and friends, I am so grateful for this gift of life. When I think that Jesus was this exact age when He gave His life for me, wow, I just feel so humbled and amazed by Him. For a long while, I haven't fully embraced my life, dwelling on the trauma of the past, but today I feel Freedom and a fresh Hope in the future..a future already ordained by Him.
What a gift!

And of course...it's the day I get to eat cake guilt free. I hear calories don't exist on birthdays...

Much love to you all this Christmas time xxxxx